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DCB1 Node: Darknet Client Type B, Variation 1


A file client supports file transfers only. A single file server (DSB Node) is accessed, and it sends files to the server or clients on the server; and also receives files. It sends using rUDP. If rUDP is unavailable to the platform, a proxy server must be invoked.

A file client has 2 functions:
• Receiving files from the server and/or clients
• Sending files to the server and/or clients


Operating System: 32-bit: 64-bit:
WinXP Pre-release (None)


DSB1 WinXP 32-bit Console:

This version is currently under pre-release.
• Host Files - programmed
• Get Host List - client programmed
• Unhost Files - unconfirmed
• Find Files - unavailable
• Stop/Pause Files - client-initiated programmed, partially
• Custom commands - unavailable
• Ping - unavailable
• Netlink - unavailable
• Proxy support - programmed
• Command-lines - unavailable
• Peer error reporting - partially programmed
• rUDP transfer support - programmed

Little-endian version available only. Contact darknet@dark-wire.com for a big-endian version, or with bug fixes, suggestions, or if you have any assistance you wish to offer. Thank you!
• Moved packet generation to a thread - timeout disconnections when transfering files should no longer occur
• (first pre-release)